Thursday, August 09, 2007

Not so bad.

Actually, I had a pretty good night tonight which was suprising.

Our Chef/Owner was expo'ing and freaking out like usual. As in, forgetting to fire shit and flipping out 10 minutes late cause it's not in the window. "I fucking needed table 60 5 minutes ago! Where the hell is it?" "Um, it's not fired yet." "Yes it is! Watch your goddamn tickets!" "Ok, Chef" M eanwhile, I know that he never fired it, because my station runs the tickets for the line and I'm pretty good about keeping up. He's a great business man and really knows what people like, but he's been off the line for so long that he's forgotten what it's like to cook. For example, I braise out these beans with bacon, herbs and aromats as garnish for a dish. I do this before service in large batches, because it takes a few hours. On pickup, I reheat a single serving of beans for each plate. Now, even thought the beans have lots of cooking liquid left, they still dry out when you heat them up. So, I was adding a little chicken stock (which is what they're cooked in) to the beans as they warmed up to keep them juicy. He freaked. "You're just watering them down!" "Um, I'm re-seasoning each batch, Chef. They still taste really good." "Don't do it any more. Just use the cooking liquid." "Ok, sorry." Of course, when the next batch comes up, "Your beans are too dry!" UM-Doh!!!!! That's what I was trying to tell you!

So, long story short, Chef was pissing me off.

So, I fought back. Every fucking plate was as tight as I could make it. My fish was spot on as i could make it. My station was clean and organized. Every plate that spun into the window was a fuck you. It was a "what, what? You talkin' to me?" And, you know what, he couldn't say shit about my food, although I know he wanted to.


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